Best Advice: Pay Them No Mind

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You know, each day I wonder more and more why those who pass along information to us get to keep their jobs.

Newsweek circled their wagons today, saying that their wild and, as it turns out, groundless accusations were made in "good faith." What the heck is that? " ' Oh, sorry we falsely accused you of flushing the Koran down the toilet, but at least our hearts were in the right place.' " I guess it's the "so unbelievable you just my buy it" strategy.

And with spring football in the books, the pre-est of the pre-season rankings are out. Try not to be overwhelmed with shock when you discover that Texas is #2 or #3 in all five of the ESPN guru's rankings. Yes, that's Texas. If only we didn't have to play the games ... Texas would be the most successful team of the past decade. But just as surely as they'll be ranked in the top 5 before the season starts, they'll lose to Oklahoma and be an after-thought come December.


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