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To hear everyone talk about the McCain gang's big compromise, you'd think this was the second coming of Jefferson, Jay and Hamilton. I don't see it, unless there is something they aren't telling us. Something a little more clear than "extraordinary circumstances."

Have you been on Mars for the past ten years? Everything is an extraordinary circumstance to today's partisan politician. Fine. So in the future (and the very near future at that!) the new debate will be the "is not extraordinary circumstances!" / "is so!" debate.

The ink wasn't even dry before the party leaders started making it clear that their playbooks hadn't changed one bit. The Dems still claim the right to filibuster unless the President starts asking them who he can nominate to federal benches. And the GOP declares that the nuclear option is still on the table if the Dems continue their wholesale stonewalling.

So, we get to proceed with three justices and then, I predict, we'll be right back to business as usual. This agreement certainly won't survive a Supreme Court nomination.

Good job, John. Just in case some had forgotten what a screwball you are, thanks for the reminder.


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