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I've podcasted a rant on the Runaway Bride. I had to fire it off in a hurry this morning. Somehow the file is half as long as my previous cast, but twice the size. I'll have to look into that tonight. Anyway ...

How nice to have another finger in the food story in the news. This one is legit though.

It seems an employee lopped part of his finger off in a mixing machine. The sad thing is, neither the employees, nor a physician were able to convince the customer who got the finger in his custard to give it back so it could be re-attached!

Now, the first that strikes me is that apparently the store just kept moving right along. Employee loses part of his finger, and I can only assume that there was a lot of blood, and they just keep right on serving, even out of that batch! Common sense would tell you that the batch he was mixing probably shouldn't be served. But at very least, FIND THE FINGER!!!

So, while it shouldn't have come to that, the finger did wind up in someone's custard. So now our attention shifts. If you are the customer, you certainly have a legitimate beef with the store. I'd probably be in the bathroom puking. But at this point, the lawsuit is a secondary consideration. Priority one ought to be, REATTACH THE FINGER!!!

But no, this greedy pig is saving the finger to preserve his chances of a lawsuit. The sad thing is that while the court of public opinion is against the guy, he probably still has a case in the court of blind justice. If he still has the nerve to bring a lawsuit, I hope he catches so much crap that he never experiences another moment of peace.


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