NBA Plays Monkey See - Monkey Do

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Who says the NBA is smart?

They were doing such a good job of maintaining a successful product and steering clear of the potholes that have marooned other leagues. While the dollars may not be following along, this has to be a great post-season for the NBA. There is no clear favorite to win the Championship, and fan-favorite Shaq figures to be around for a while yet.

And shortly after the playoffs end, the NBA draft is always an attention-getter. No doubt we'll soon be hearing about all of the big names on the block as the enthusiasm builds.

So with all of this going for them, three days after the draft, while all the pundits are still analyzing how each team did ...

Lockout! The surest way to bring the league's momentum to a grinding halt. How quickly they have forgotten the Who?HL.

Granted, the NBA is not the NHL. They can probably have a lockout, and even miss part of a season and their fans will still return ... eventually.

That's not the point. No one wins in these cases. Part of their loyal audience will be alienated at least temporarily. Money will be lost. People will simply never understand, nor sympathize with millionaires fighting over dollars.


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