NBA: We need a challenger for Miami ... Anyone? Anyone?

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Coming into the playoff wars, when many were doting on the Miami Heat, others were quick to point out the teams down the road that would surely slow down Shaq's new juggernaut. But, while the Heat rest after dispatching the Wizards in four games, every other series is deadlocked at two games.

Defending champion, Detroit, would teach the Heat a little something about experience in the Eastern finals. Problem is, the Pistons are struggling with the Pacers, and neither team appears to have enough game to be much more than a bump on Miami's road.

The supposedly superior West has turned into one big bowl of mediocre soup. The "best" team Phoenix has become the Steve Nash and Absolutely no one else Show, and has its hands full with Dallas. Remember, a star can twinkle during the regular season, but playoff success requires two keys. Phoenix is one short and in danger of falling to Nash's former team.

And, while many still recognize San Antonio as the league's true best team, the Spurs have their hands full with Seattle?

Shaq and the Heat are resting, yo! Someone needs to step up and at least pretend they want to move on, or this could be the slickest playoff run since Moses Malone led the 76ers on their "Fo', fo', fo'," jaunt (although they did actually drop one game) in the 80's.


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