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... attached to a co-worker of Anna Ayala's husband (story here). Apparently it became detached in an industrial accident last December.

So the Ayalas must have kept it on ice for four months before Anna decided to spring it on Wendy's!

This is another one of those stories that just makes you wonder how some people live. Four months with a finger in the freezer.

"Mommy, what's that thing in the freezer that looks like a finger?"

"Well, with any luck dear, that's your College Fund."

And how did that initial incident work? Guy's in the plant and gets part of his finger hacked off. If they took him to the hospital, why didn't they take the rest of his finger so they could try to re-attach it?

And if he didn't go to the hospital, why not?

And how do you ask someone for their finger? Guy's scurrying around trying to stop the bleeding and you say, "Hey, mind if I keep this?" Or maybe you could be a little more subtle ... "You done with this?"


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