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I don't know if Jerry Hobbs killed his daughter and her friend in Zion, IL, but one thing is for sure. The guy is a real piece of work:
"Hobbs had been arrested on Aug. 4, 2001, after arguing with Laura's mother, Sheila Hollabaugh, in a trailer park. Hobbs had grabbed a chainsaw and begun chasing other residents around the area, Mahler said. No one was hurt, and Hobbs was subdued when someone hit him in the back with a shovel, Mahler said."

I've never understood why people find Jeff Foxworthy so funny, when reality is this freaking hilarious! He started chasing people around with a chainsaw and was subdued only after someone hit him in the back with a shovel!

It doesn't say if the chainsaw was running, but we can only assume it was. I mean, how scary is a guy running around with a dead chainsaw? What's he going to do, drop it on your toes?

So, the assault aside, they probably should have invoked the lesser-used corollary to the "don't run with scissors" maxim - "don't run with a chainsaw!" Of course if you find that you must run, so you can catch people before they get to their own trailers for example, always carry the chainsaw with the chain pointing down. You don't want to fall and slice your own head in half in the event that someone hits you in the back with a shovel!


It is official: this guy will be charged. Now it's time for the stupid family quotes, and you know this gang will be good for a bunch of them. Here's the first: "Hobbs' family said police were unfairly narrowing their focus on him because of his lengthy criminal past."

IMHO ... when you've got a "lengthy criminal past," especially one that includes chasing people around with a chainsaw until you are subdued with a shovel, there is no such thing as unfair.

What is unfair is that one girl is dead because the adults in her life have terrible judgment and no self-control, and another is dead because she was a friend of the first girl.

If the police hassle you a little extra because of your checkered past, you suck it up, cooperate and then walk away thinking how glad you are that you don't live that kind of life anymore.

What I'm waiting for is "why?" and how much "the family should have known" material is going to come out. I'm just guessing there will be some, because here they are in the wake of the shocking death of their daughter / granddaughter, and they're worried about how the police are treating their live-in psychopath.


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