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Unbelievably, Atlanta Crane Man is still at it! Despite yesterday's police claims that they would end the affair "soon," he's over 40 hours and counting.

Btw ... I erroneously reported that this was happening in Florida. The guy is wanted in Florida, but he's in, or rather above Atlanta, GA. So, forget the police and the murdered girlfriend, this is now a bona fide world record attempt. Actually he's got several possibilities:

Staying awake: current record, 11 days

Going without food: 44 or 49 days depending on who you believe

Going without water: I couldn't find a clear existing record, but three days is generally held as the limit, so he's more than halfway there

Crane sitting: There isn't a record, but the pole-sitting record is 196 days and nights, so he'd have to go at least that long to make it respectable.

Luckily for Atlanta Crane Man, one record has already fallen ...

Longest time continuously on the front page without being assigned a nickname by the press. Previous record - 2 hours 28 minutes. By still being "the guy on the crane in Atlanta" after 40 hours, he's shattered that one!


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