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I'm sick of stories like the Zion, IL double murder. Just the other week I was lamenting the fact that often a woman who knows full well that she is likely to become a victim of domestic violence has to wait until she actually becomes a victim before she can get any kind of reasonable protection.

The other side of the coin is a woman who has more than enough evidence and history and ignores it to the detriment of herself and her family. There is no doubt that Jerry Hobbs bears full blame for murdering his daughter and her friend.

But, I was dismayed to learn that Sheila Hollabaugh had, at one point, been pursuing a restraining order against Hobbs. Then, mysteriously, after he gets out of prison (for his assault with a chainsaw rampage), he's invited right back into the home.

Hmmm. Let's make sure we've got this right. Violent man + Situation which has stimulated violence in the past = Violent result. And, I'm told, match + gasoline = fire! It's weird how you just can't seem to escape the fact that actions lead to consequences. And sometimes, if you turn your little brain on, you can anticipate some of those consequences! And just to bring it full circle, if you don't like some of the expected consequences, you are allowed to try to avoid them by avoiding the action that will cause them. This concludes, apparently, Rocket Science 101!

I don't want to hear about syndromes and tendencies and all that other babble. When little girls are repeatedly stabbed in the throat they tend to die. That's the operative thing here. When you have kids you need to protect them from, among other things, wild animals. The day a shovel to the back of the head is needed to stop a man from attacking someone with a McCullough is the day you stop sharing the home and children with him.

Then there is the media that covers everything for shock value. How many major stories have we had lately that were presented as surprising and mysterious. "Man!" the viewer is left to think, "What a crazy random world we live in where screwed up stuff like this just happens for no apparent reason." But then when you follow on for a couple of days after the thing has retreated from the headlines you pick up bits and pieces of information that take all the mystery out of it. Unfortunately, by then many have moved on to the next sensational story, meanwhile making stupid decisions and being amazed at how crap always seems to happen to them.

One interesting side-note that was brought to light during this case. Little Zion, IL is home to 85 convicted sex offenders. Welcome to Florida-North!


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