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Fox has a couple of good pieces out on their site today ...

1. CATO: No Federalism on the Right: I always enjoy the things that come out of CATO. This one is a right on the money analysis that illustrates why I'm a Christian first, a Conservative second, and a Republican third and fading fast.

What is going on in Washington right now brings to light the folly of unconditionally hitching your wagon to a political party. There was a time when my world view would have lined up much better with the Democratic Party. The problem with parties is that they're driven by career politicians who are more focused on beating the other "team" and getting reelection than a stable ideology and the good of the nation.

This situation is kind of unique in that government is the problem, and yet it is also the means to fix the problem. Back during the Shiavo case, amide the outcries against "unelected judges" I realized that the problem isn't the Constitution. The problem is that the Constitution seems to assume two things which can no longer be assumed: 1. That men will act with integrity, and 2. That citizens will take seriously and use their role as electors as a check on the elected.

People will point to the last election to dispute the 2nd item. There certainly was a massive turnout. But when I look at all the Congressional pork-slingers who returned to their seats this year, I have to wonder. There were some noteworhty changes, but the bulk of Congress remained the same, so should we be surprised that the bulk of the results have also remained the same? I'm waiting to see if, during the next election, Republicans will be held accountable for nervously frittering away the advantage they've been given.

I'm not happy just to be a member of the party in power if it doesn't make any difference. I would be happy to be a citizen of a country that was making serious strides toward MUCH smaller government, less waste, and states' rights.

2. Runaway bride lost in junk journalism: Hmmm. I agree with the editor if ifeminist.com. Who'd have thought?

The author is out for the media, but doesn't spare Wilbanks. What surprised me was this being featured on Fox's site since they were among the most egregious in their wild speculation on this case.

My comment in an e-mail to Fox: "Without accuracy and responsibility, I don't give a rat's behind about 'fair and balanced.'"


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