Wilbanks: Bottomless Cup of Dirt

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Well, this one just keeps getting better and better.

Long story short: It appears that Jennifer Wilbanks, a.k.a. Runaway Bride, had contacted one old flame in the weeks prior to her planned wedding and may have been seeking another in New Mexico. And another name is added to the long line of people who have complimentary things like, "She's crazy," and "Who knows what's going on inside her head?" to say about Wilbanks.

So, let me update two previous thoughts.

Way to go media. With each passing story, Wilbanks drifts further and further from being the princess bride-to-be that we were presented during her run.

If John Mason still marries this girl anytime in the near future, he deserves whatever he gets. Few people are afforded this kind of a clear and powerful warning.


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