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From the credit where credit is due department, hats off to CBSSportsline.com.

I'm not sure when it happened, but they overhauled their website and did a great job of it. For openers, it has a cleaner, sharper look, but everyone does those tweaks every once in a while.

What is really amazing, is how much information they've managed to put on the page without it feeling cluttered. One of the sites four columns is devoted to CBS offerings; coming soon items, CBS' TV lineup, and CBS new headlines. It's not that I really care if these things are there or not, but the column takes up some serious real estate and yet the user is not left feeling like quality sports content was sacrificed so CBS could plug itself.

This is especially timely for me, as The Sporting News' site jumped the shark about year or so ago. TSN has the best columnists, hands down. But they did away with the interactiveness that made their site stand out. Now CBS has picked that up, offering comment threads with every story.

If CBS can just resist the urge to make half of their good stuff premium content, like so many other sport sites, they will be my destination of choice for sports news.


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