Congress is not the Answer: Flag-Burning pt. II

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The sooner we realize that "Congress make a law" is not going to solve everything (in fact it's probably going to solve next to nothing) the better off we'll be. I thought we had put this whole flag-burning thing behind us, but no, here it is again.

I'm certainly not going to go to the mat to defend someone for burning our flag, but I will defend their right to act and speak for as long as they are not harming others ... and no, just because you are riled up doesn't mean you've been harmed.

When I was in the Navy, I have to admit that I enjoyed the National Anthem in the morning and Taps at night. On base you have to stop and salute the nearest ensign when you hear the bugle announcing these events. Sure, it was a nuisance having to stop when I was late for watch. But, it was kind of nice to be able to pause and think why you are serving, what that flag means, and all the men who have come before you to help ensure that that flag would still be there.

So, I wouldn't look kindly on someone burning our flag. But I also don't look kindly on men undercutting what that flag represents.

Finally, I resent and will oppose, with all that I have, this creeping idea that every last one of life's little annoyances can be legislated away. First, it can't be done. Second, the people who would try to do this are usually the primary examples of why, even if it were possible, it shouldn't be done.


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