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Well, now that the NBA Finals are over this may seem a little late. Yes, they're over. Even admitting that Detroit will eventually show up for one of these games, they're not about to take 4 of 5 from San Antonio. The mystery is whether or not they'll ever crack 80.

And to those who say, or said, that this gridlock style is "basketball at its finest," "the way the game was meant to be played," I say, "pffft!" I'm a Showtime Lakers fan - I like it when teams score in tripe digits. Give Steve Nash a haircut and a shower and I'd be a Phoenix fan.

Anyway, what I have found amusing are all of the "Is Tim Duncan dominant or isn't he?" arguements.

This has to be semantics, right? Can anyone realistically question this man's stature in the NBA today or for all time?

Granted, I don't get the feeling that Duncan might some day squash a point guard like a bug, that I get with Shaq. But I also don't get the feeling that Duncan might show up for camp out of shape that I get with Shaq.

Granted, he doesn't have the flash of Kobe, TMac or Iverson. But he's also not likely to abandon his team in search of stats like they will.

I don't know how you define "dominant," but being a stand-up guy doesn't rule him out. Take him away and the Spurs don't even get a sniff of the Finals at any time over the past ten years. Instead, with Duncan as their anchor, they have been a constant threat over that time.

Throw the records and the stats out. If you're starting a team from scratch and can man it with anyone, Duncan has to be one of the first three guys you pick. I don't have two other guys in mind, I'm just allowing for his not being everyone's absolute number one pick.

Don't want to use the word "dominant?" Fine. Come up with your own substitute. But don't try to suggest for one second that Duncan isn't The Man. And I'm a self-professed Shaq fan.


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