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Well, despite the fact that there is precious little to follow, we continue to follow the Aruba case.

First, my usual disclaimer: Yes, this is a tragedy, and I feel for the family. I don't intend to sound insensitive, but this stuff gets so out of hand that at some point it is nearly impossible to keep quiet.

As usual, bit by bit we're finding out that the victim wasn't the fairy tale princess who "rarely ever drinks" that we were fed at the start. Clearly she parties and goes off alone with three guys in a car in the middle of the night - she's a bit on the wild side. That's nothing unusual. Just ... open your eyes, mom.

As usual, the media is in my sites. The weekend was full of "breaks" in the case. The drama, well, it was slightly more than compelling, and slightly less than gripping. Just ask the Fox and CNN voice-over guys.

Unfortunately, here we are on Monday, not much further along than we were Friday, and all the exciting developments have fizzled. With a straight face, the press reports that these erroneous breaks were due to "bad reporting."

Do you think? I mean, what do you expect when you're doing hourly updates on a case that isn't moving? And they've got a man, Geraldo, on the scene except that there really isn't a scene to be on. Heck, just have him shoot his spots in New York with someone holding up a post card of Aruba behind him. It's not going to make any difference to me.


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