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I've been trying this thing called "exercise" the last couple of weeks, and I have to admit, it's pretty amazing.

Anyway, today's news was full of interesting little tid-bits.

-- B --

It seems that even the Democrats are none too pleased with Howard Dean's rhetoric of late. Among the Dean gems, a suggestion that Republican voters have never worked an honest day in their lives.

I guess I just have to ask ... What did you expect!? This is Howard Dean and his mouth. They're a package. You get one, you get them both.

Part of me had hoped that Dean would be around for the next Presidential election for comic relief and to stir dissention in his ranks. Frankly, I don't see him surviving the mid-terms. Even if there were to be some kind of Democrat miracle, you can bet the ranch Dean won't be its architect. Not with Red State entreaties like the one mentioned above.

-- B --

Speaking of lost causes ... word today that John Edwards (former Senator from North Carolina, former John Kerry running mate, former newsworthy individual) isn't sure about a run for the Presidency in 08. And that's definite. And ummm ... So!? I mean, I haven't really made up my mind on a run in 08 either, but somehow no one is reporting on that. I've got just as much chance as John Who?

If you were on the fence as to whether he had enough experience to attend funerals on behalf of the nation, how do you figure that four years of speaking at the occasional banquet is going to make him suddenly seem presidential?

-- B --

Neon Deion is back once again. This season he'll be donning a Baltimore Ravens uniform.

Oh boy! This story is certain to be over-exposed ... as it has already gotten more coverage than it warrants.

-- B --

Over the weekend I heard someone, can't remember who, complaining that the Jackson jury is not truly a jury of the pop singer's peers. This makes me laugh. Just how many frail, mega-billionaire, pedophile, plastic surgery addicted, gender-confused, race-confused, former pop music stars do you figure there are in this world?

-- B --

Hats off to MTV - over the weekend "The Breakfast Club," which is 20 years old this year, was honored at the MTV Movie Awards. I couldn't agree more - this film is a classic.

-- B --

Over the weekend Green Bay QB Brett Favre hinted that he may have more than one year left in him. Now, this guy has had an incredible career on the field and has been a pretty stand-up guy off of it, so he gets a little slack. But if I had the man's ear today I'd be begging and pleading with him not to draw this thing out. You don't want to see him go like Steve Young, taking more knockouts than a mediocre heavyweight, or like Michael Jordan where you are left wondering if he's on the field because he's still the best player available, or because of his glorious past. And one more thing ... once you leave, stay gone. Big name comebacks rarely yield even a fraction of the magic they tend to promise initially.


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