NBA Draft Fallout

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Over at espn.com Pat Forde has a great post on premature draft jumpers who saw last night come and go without so much as a sniff from the NBA.

Maybe it's just me, but the tide seems to be turning on this trend. For each high school player who becomes an instant smash at the pro level, we get several "What was he thinking!?" stories about guys who made the jump too early and paid the price.

-- B --

Well, I'm all in a quandry now. On the one had, I'm excited about the Lakers bringing back Phil Jackson. On the other, you know who is still there, front and center. LA didn't help matters any when they drafted high schooler, Andrew Bynum with a host of superior talent still on the board.

Then the Lakers hated rival, Sacramento (they drafted later because they were, you know, in the playoffs) drafted Louisville guard Francisco Garcia.

Half of my allegiance followed Shaq to Miami, and I certainly don't have it in me to serve two Pacific Division masters. It's enough to make a guy stand up and shout, "Trade Kobe or lose me forever!"

-- B --

Man, you know you're a talent magnet when a guy who didn't even start goes #2 in the draft.

Yesterday the Heels added four strong prospects to the already large pool of North Carolina alums making noise in the NBA. How strong? The last of the four to be selected, Raymond Felton, was gone before the first round was half over.

Even with all that, methinks Roy Williams can still be competitive next season. And hopefully Coach Williams can start sending classes off to the NBA sans the "worried about their attitude" label.

-- B --

So, with basketball behind us for a while, we now enter one of the slowest periods of the sports year. Sure, Andy Roddick is still kicking at Wimbledon, and soon Lance Armstrong will be chasing another Tour crown. The good stuff comes in small, dispersed nibbles right now.

This gives us time to build up a healthy apetite for the best season of all - Football!


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