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The Jeckyll and Hyde Heat need to wrap things up quickly. If they let this go to game seven, who knows which Miami team will show up? We've got the Heat that hustle on defense and execute on offense, and the Heat that force shots and generally don't play a solid game. Apparently the two are taking turns in the Eastern Finals. Even as I write, San Antonio is resting while Miami is taking damage to its key pieces. Plus Shaq has looked healthy for one game in a row now, which means he's overdue for an ankle injury or deep-thigh bruise or something of that sort.

-- B --

The disappearance of the Alabama teenager in Aruba, while tragic, should be a lesson to us all ... the latest in a string of countless lessons that remind us that decisions have consequences. Back in my Navy days my Captain once said, as the crew was informed that one of our shipmates was in trouble with the law in Hawaii, that "Bad stuff happens after midnight." This rang true with our crew as invariably, whenever someone got in trouble it came as a result of staying out late, closing the bars and then farting around with the locals in the area.

I may be the last person alive who thinks this way, but when I have teenagers of my own, they aren't going on a class trip that involves staying out til all hours of the night drinking in a foreign country. What? You couldn't find any more elements of risk to inject into that equation?

-- B --

It seems that there is a bit of tarnish on Howard Dean's Midas Fund-raising Midas Touch. Business Week reports that Dean is targeting the small donors while the elephants are not Deaniacs and now are not donors.

*Yawn* Where's the news here? Dean never was a big donor kinda guy. During his campaign he wowed a disaffected younger generation who's political ideology was nothing more than "Bush is stupid, Bush is a monkey," into flooding his coffers $50 and $100 at a time. They were putting up bats and conducting brain-dead online pep rallies. This was not a calculated, long-term political strategy, it was a mania. And, it was something you aren't going to be able to generate when there isn't an election going on, and probably something you aren't going to be able to generate when Dean isn't a candidate.

It wasn't Dean the behind-the-scenes fund-raising genius that stimulated the cash inflow, it was Dean the loose wire on stage. However volatile and abrasive the Dems may find it, Dean's personality was the key to the treasure chest. You don't get one without the other. But, at least they still have Dean's keen strategic political mind.

-- B --

Right now I'm working on the first season of HBO's "the Wire" on DVD. IMO, this is the best crime/police series ever. I don't have HBO any more, so this is a real treat.


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