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I guess my friend John was right. The whole Wilbanks indictment was a show. Probation and a small part of the search cost. And just so the observer isn't left with the impression that she's being let off the hook, we are continually reminded that she's undergoing some kind of therapy somewhere. It's all shrouded in mystery so as to enhance the seeming arduosness of it. This poor, klepto girl.

So once again, the "Hasn't she suffered enough!?" defense prevails.

Speaking of which, her dutiful fiance appeared with her. The noble "Stand by your Woman," is quickly giving way to, "Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey Stupid!" John, you were right to ask, "Ain't we all messed up?" But the real question is, "Ain't we all done stuff where we looked back and said, 'How did I not see that that was a really bad idea?'" He's been amply warned.


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