Stand Firm or Throw in the Towel?

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Over at Christian Post, a great read: Blaming Homosexuals and Running from Public Schools.
"The greatest prophets and strongest Christians were raised in harsh, secular environments -- including the public schools. And though we should not intentionally endanger our children, we should not collectively run from the darkness of the world. It’s time we take back the culture for Christ by engaging in it. We must act as salt and light and teach our children to do the same. If not, the society will fall further away from God and evangelicals will lose all relevance in the world we were called to reach."

I couldn't agree more, although the one thing I would add is: Be prepared to be fully engaged in your child's life!

Disclaimer: I have not raised a child from birth to high school graduation, so my views are based on third hand observation. But, I've seen, heard and worked with children and youth enough to have observed one simple principle: a child's well-roundedness and overall success in school and life varies directly with the involvement of their parents in their life. I have yet to encounter an exception to this rule.

Almost as important is the child's involvement in church life, and a church's reciprocal involvement in the child's life.

Can a child survive and thrive in the public school environment? Yes. But such a venture will easily be the biggest challenge of the first twenty years of their life. It's certainly not something they can, or should be sent to accomplish alone.


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