Force vs. Object

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So, Larry Brown and Detroit have parted company ... didn't see that coming. Now the smart money has Brown joining up with another former Piston, Isaiah Thomas, and taking the helm in New York.

Thus the classic battle is once again joined. Granted, Brown isn't quite irresistable, and the Knicks aren't quite immovable, so we'll wait to see what happens when the really strong force meets the really hard to move object. My money is on the object.

Right now New York boasts a cesspool of a roster, a cap challenge, and impatient fans. Brown won't be the first good coach to take his lumps in the Big Apple, and probably won't be the last.

The shame of it is, this may well be the final stop for Brown's coaching career. It will be a shame seeing this great coach end with a fizzle rather than a flourish. It is the coaching equivalent of Michael Jordan finishing with the Wizards.

But, Brown is partially to blame. He had a good thing going in Detroit and could have finished out his career running a perennial championship contender. Then Detroit screwed around and Brown screwed around and now both lose.


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