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So, this is where I'm supposed to try to make something political out of London being selected to host the 2012 games. Ummm ... I just really don't care if there was a political aspect or not. It's surprising to see that anyone still cares about the Olympics. Sure the local governments and merchants care - it's a windfall for them. It's the folks who make this such a catch - the pretentious who become badminton and shot put experts two weeks out of every four years that baffle me.

-- B --

In the NBA, Detroit is struggling to come to terms with head coach Larry Brown. Seems like a no-brainer to me. The man took a team that was an afterthought in title discussions, to one championship and within a few minutes of a second in his less than two years with the team. Sign him up! However, upon close examination, the enthusiasm over his return has been lukewarm at best. There are very few potential Wallace-sitters in the league equal to Brown, and they are cherished by their teams. Conversely, at any price, Brown's services would be snatched up in a hurry by any number of hopeful teams.

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Amazing. Lance Armstrong is leading the pack! Whether or not he wins is irrelevant. I point out once again, that simply being a legit contender one year is a noteworthy accomplishment. What Armstrong has done and is doing is unthinkable.

-- B --

For more than a decade now, I've missed the sizzle that John McEnroe added to men's tennis. I had hoped that Andy Roddick might bring some of that back. Certainly, the young American is doing well, and has nothing to be ashamed of. But Roger Federer has got his number. Right now Federer is the better, more complete player, but even when the American passes him by, he's inside Roddick's head.

-- B --

Is it time for football camp yet?


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