AP Preseason Poll: Let the Bickering Begin

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Another small slice of real football is served: the Associated Press released their preseason college football poll.

1. USC - I don't have a problem with this one. They return a squad loaded with guys who could just as easily have been playing on Sunday afternoons this Fall. My beef with USC is in the past and it's not USC's fault. Under the system that promised us 1 vs. 2 every year, they became the first team to win back-to-back championships without EVER facing the #2 team in the country. In aught 4 they drew Michigan in the consolation bowl, while "top-ranked," yet previously-thrashed Oklahoma lost to LSU in the Sugar Bowl. Then, last year, USC pounded Oklahoma in the "championship" game while real #2 Auburn was relegated to play Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl. Do you see the common thread? USC already has two trophies in the case thanks to a writer's block the size of Oklahoma.

2. Texas - LOLOL!!! Let me look into the future and predict how this will go. Texas is ranked highly going into the season. This is the year they're going to turn that last corner, no doubt about it. For a few weeks they'll beat up on the Southwest Armadillo States of the college football world. Then they'll look totally average in an 11-9 loss to Oklahoma and that will be that. No, no, you're right guys. Texas must be good. After all,they play Oklahoma tough every year. And you know Oklahoma's tough, because they beat Texas!

3. Tennessee 4. Michigan 5. LSU (you could put these three in any order and I'd have no problem).

6. & 7. Ohio State and Oklahoma in nearly a dead heat. Why does everyone feel the need to over-rate schools from states that start wth "O." Oh, sorry, THE letter "O," which stands for, "Oh, by the way coach, who's taking my Communications 101 midterm for me tomorrow?"

8. Va Tech - I think Marcus Vick will wind up producing twice the trouble and half the results of his brother for the Hokies.

9. Miami 10. Florida - at this point most of the writers looked over their list so far and realized that they didn't have a Florida school. The Gators at 10 get my vote for most over-rated. They were already a team on the decline in what is arguably the nation's toughest conference. You're telling me that Urban Meyer is going to turn that around in a few months?

Highlights from the rest: Louisville, at #12, gets one first place vote from some writer in North Carolina. Thanks for thinking of us, dude. He said that Louisville was the only team he could see running the table. While I'd like to, as a Card fan, pump my chest and feel like we're finally getting the respect we deserve, the truth is, we're getting respect we don't deserve.

Louisville has had a schedule full of scrimmages that count. Now they'll be tested every week. USC doesn't face any tests that are more daunting relative to their strength than the Cards will. Sure, the Cards may run their Big Least schedule. Then they'd earn the right to be thumped by the Trojans in the Rose Bowl. The Cards are good and on the rise, but they aren't championship material just yet.

18. Boise State ... Stupid writers' trick: appear knowledeable by championing a team no one has heard of. It's the sports equivalent of the movie critic who lauds a movie that no one has ever seen.

Let us remember that this year the AP poll means less than nothing. Not only are the writers still status quo fools, this year, by their own request, the AP poll will not be included in the BCS formula. So they're honorable fools.


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