The BCS' New Look

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Ready or not, it is guys like Terry Bradshaw and Boomer Esiason who will be helping to decide which teams play for the BCS Championship this year. Harris Interactive has put together a team of 114 former college football players and coaches to fill the void left when the Associated Press requested that their poll no longer be included in the BCS formula.

Does this mean the BCS decision-making will be better? Well, the short answer is, "It couldn't be worse." Sadly, it probably won't make much difference.

It's not that I'm questioning Bradshaw's integrity. In fact, I trust him to be a little more honest than the team of journalists has been. The problem is, they are plugging the Harris group into the same system as before. Even if Harris yields fresh results, they'll be diluted by the Coaches poll and the always erratic computer models.

And, I doubt the ability of Harris to do much more than recreate the AP poll. It's not like these guys are going to be sitting around a board room debating the merits of each team in Basketball Selection Committee Style. They'll ballot. And all 114 members can't be well-versed on all the conferences and all the teams. So, a lot of them will be biased by what they've heard in the news and other polls.

Too bad, because I can totally see Bradshaw yelling, "You know what ... Texas sucks! I mean, who have they ever beaten? Who has anyone in the Big XII ever beaten except each other and a bunch of cream puffs?!"

Instead, meet the new boss, same as the old boss.


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