English ... Do you speak it!?

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I had a Pulp Fiction moment last night, picturing Samuel Jackson, gun raised, towering over Brad (the one with the big brain), screaming, "English %&$#*! Do you speak it!?"

My Linksys router crapped out last week, and I had to call on Netgear Customer Service to help me get the new one to cooperate with the flaky way Insight treats firewalls.

I'm guessing that I was talking to the Bombay Customer Service Outpost, because I could not understand a word the guy was saying. Nothing against him ... he seemed nice enough and finally got me online. He can't help his accent any more than I can help mine.

It's just that we could have finished in half the time if we didn't have to go through a little game of 20 questions every time he gave me an instruction. Sometimes it helped to anticipate where he was going, and sometimes (when my guess was wrong) it was a hindrance.

Anyway, the new router is sweet. I'd always defaulted to Linksys as they seem to be the ubiquitious choice for a home user looking for the strongest combination of value and features. Yet everywhere I've ever worked the IT guys and gals have been partial to Netgear.

Lo and behold, I was able to pick up a Netgear router for the same price as the Linksys model (which is not much more than a song before all the rebates) I was swapping out, but delivering 5x times the wireless speed. At 54 Mbps, getting rid of the leash doesn't seem like such a drastic trade-off.


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