Jesus did not speak the King's English!

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I'm convinced that there is a subgroup of people out there, and it may not even be a very small subgroup, that honestly believe the King James Version of the Bible is the very original text ... Aramaic-Shmaic, it's all Greek to me!

Maybe it's my recent travels to some of the outlying areas of Kentucky, or maybe I've just been blind my whole life, but suddenly I'm noticing these folks, and I'm just stunned.

We run residential homes for troubled youth among other things. The other day I was reviewing some of the petty cash expenses for one of our sites and noticed that they had bought KJV Bibles as graduation gifts for two of their girls. I off-handedly commented that I was surprised that we got the KJV for our girls. I wouldn't give it to a youth who had been in church their whole life, much less a troubled girl who has probably never seen the inside of a church.

One girl offered her guess ... "Well, maybe it's because that's closer to the original." The original? "The original WHAT?" I asked. No answer.

By all means, I can sympathize with a natural wariness when it comes to keeping up with the world. But I'm also very supportive of reading and studying the Bible.

When we already have to often consult with other references to gain a better understanding of what the original writer was saying, I don't see the point in adding a layer of confusion and making a person sit there with Webster's dictionary just so they can understand what the translators of the original writer were saying.

I'm sure there are still many folks out there who are more comfortable with the KJV language. They should certainly continue right on with that version, then. But there are several other versions to choose from that use language that, for many, is easier to understand and that have been translated from the orignal texts just as painstakingly as the KJV.

How on earth you can justify holding one responsible translation morally superior to another is beyond me.


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