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So, I gassed up this morning and was excited to only have to pay $2.41/gal. How far we've come. Oh well.

The good news is ... College Football starts this week!

For the most part we have our usual slate of gimmes for the big boys. But there are a few good ones on tap.

Here in Kentucky, the big excitement is the UofL / UK game. Unfortunately this one doesn't figure to be very close, unless you ask a Wildcat fan. There's the rivalry/adrenalin factor that may keep it from being a barn-burner, but there is little doubt on the outcome.

I get a kick out of any weak team's fans right now. With no games having been played, everyone is still undefeated after all. And the die-hards can come up with the most convoluted logic to try to convince themselves and others that this just might be the year. Don't worry 'Cats - basketball season is just around the corner.

According to the CBS Sportsline experts, Notre Dame vs. Pitt is the toss-up game of the week. I don't see it. Notre Dame is bringing the name recognition, Pittsburgh is bringing the talented team. They say that home field is worth 3 points in the average college game. Well I figure that being the team from Notre Dame is worth 14 points in the minds of prognosticators each week. And then they play the game and everyone remembers, temporarily, "Oh yeah ... the Irish aren't good anymore."

For my money, the big game of the week is Miami-Florida State. My heart is with the 'Canes in this one. In my mind however, the game is a toss-up, and easily the closest of the extended weekend.


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