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I'm doing ESPN's Fantasy Football this year. And, in deference to the wisdom of the NCAA, who still can't figure out their football championship but can see their way clear to dictate school nicknames, my team is the Louisville Politically-Correct Mascots.

Our draft isn't until next weekend, so I'll take the time in between to give a little background on our team.

Something the sensitive fan will notice and appreciate almost immediately at all 'Scots home games ... gender-neutral cheerleaders! And actually they're not called "cheerleaders" anymore. They're called cheer-ists. Even a follower can have hope that one day they might stand on the Louisville sidelines and be a peppy cheer-ist.

Pictured here is our head cheer-ist, Pat. When they aren't cheering, Pat enjoys frolicking in the park with their cat and dog, and hanging out with their best friend Chris. Pat says, "Come on out and help us root our PC Mascots on to a title!"


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