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With Jerry Falwell fading, it appears that Pat Robertson is next in line for foot in mouth duty.

I don't want to hear the justification, or how bad a guy Chavez is. That all may be true, and it may even be true that it would be a good idea for the US to "take him out." That's not the point.

Someone who holds himself out as a religious leader has no business offering advice to the State or Defense Departments on assassinations. Yes, I know, you didn't necessarily mean "assassinate" and there are lots of ways to take a foreign leader out. Like we've never heard the "I was taken out of context" line before.

I'm not suggesting that Robertson needs to hole himself up and talk only on matters of faith. Certainly he's had his flirtations with politics, and is not totally unqualified to weigh in on foreign policy and history, especially where they intersect with the Christian life and mission. But, when you are primarily a religious leader, you need to carefully measure your rhetoric.

Robertson's comments didn't conribute anything helpful inside or outside of the religious sector. If anything they were a detriment, and sent confusing signals.

Stick to your knitting, Pat.


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