Almost as Good as the Return of Football!

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Trump - Apprentice 4At long last, the Apprentice returns! No, not that Martha Stewart spin-off ... I'm talking about the real deal.

This time out the show boasts a stellar roster of 18 hopefuls, hand-picked by the Donald himself. How much do you want to bet that it's light on non-college grads?

Trump stepping in on the selection process was the right move. Last season was horrible! Rather than delivering excitement in the much-hyped Book Smart-Street Smart matchup, the show left its audience starved for talent, class, intelligence, etc. Even a scant whiff of potential would have been nice.

Instead we had Polyeser Danny, who no doubt was brought in to give the show a little spirit but turned out to be just plain clown. He lasted three or four weeks when I would gladly have axed him after one. Another contestant quit after two weeks. The Apprentice is grueling, no doubt, but after only two challenges, and in reality she quit on her team halfway through the second challenge. How did she wind up in the mix in the first place! The rest of the bunch just never got past the petty whining, bickering, back-biting stage. Even the eventual winner, Kendra, won on the basis of her individual effort, not her teamwork.

So, the poor showing last season is a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it won't be hard to better that effort. On the other hand, Trump needs to improve or he runs the risk of this thing dying young.


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