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Give it up for Yamaha of Louisville. They juiced up my battery free of charge. I've got to say, this is not out of the ordinary. The first time I had to take the bike in for maintenance, they were just getting started - Tim and his dad, setting up the showroom and handling sales, and one guy in the service dept. I had to leave the bike overnight and was getting ready to head out to the bus stop. Instead, Tim's dad jumped in his truck and drove me home - a 45 minute round trip at that time of day.

It's good to see them in their new, permanent digs. I checked out the new 1100's while I was in there. Oh man ... sweet! Sadly, my next bike will be a Harley, when I can afford to pay cash, somewhere on down the road (although when you figure in the gas savings, it may be closer than I think). But hopefully I'll be able to stay in touch with the YOL guys.


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