Closing Thoughts on Opening Night

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By the end of the night order had pretty much been restored in the College Football universe.

Stever Spurrier brought dreams of Fun 'n' Gun North with him to Columbia, SC. And, with a couple of quick strikes, the Gamecocks showed that they just might be packing heat. Unfortunately the gun was not fully loaded and Spurrier's squad emptied their clip in the first quarter. After that the game settled into what we might have expected of a South Carolina-Central Florida tilt in the pre-Holtz days.

This was not fatal against UCF, but South Carolina had better wake up and remember that even with Coach Spurrier at the helm, their SEC schedule awaits. Count on Carolina's D to be overwhelmed much of the time. If the new and improved Gamecock team wants to make a decent showing this year, their offense will have to reload and keep firing for all four quarters of every game.

And in Houston, Oregon woke up at some point and came back to defeat the Cougars by two touchdowns. Still, Houston played tough against what was supposed to be a vastly superior Pac 10 team.


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