Every thorn has a rose?

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It occurs to me that the saying, "Every rose has its thorn," is pretty pessimistic. It's like the crusty grouch who makes a point of bringing you down every time things are going good.

I'd prefer the saying to be, "Every thorn has a rose." Unfortunately, in life as in nature, that is less accurate.

Anyway, on to today.

The big, old rusty railroad spike of a thorn: Our fiscal year ended yesterday. I know, it's crazy. KBC has the same schedule and I've always thought it was nuts. As an accountant it's a nightmare trying to keep track of where you are in the quarter or year. Nonetheless, we're in full-scale, year-end get ready for an audit mode. Tax accountants have a nightmare first quarter, and industry accountants have this.

The huge, brilliant rose in full bloom: The College Football season is here! And we kick it off with Central Florida at South Carolina, featuring the return of Steve Spurrier. This really is a highlight for me as Spurrier is one of those guys who, despite his stint with the Redskins, smacks of College Football.

I browsed the ESPN "experts" "fearless" predictions. USC is a unanimous Rose Bowl pick - real fearless. Louisville is also the unanimous pick to win the Big East. I just don't see that as the lock everyone thinks it is. I don't care how bad the Big East is, they are still a big step up from Conference USA.

The consensus is that whichever team comes out of the Big XII South, Oklahoma or Texas, will win that league. Again, the fealessness is overwhelming. The North is weak beyond compare, and half of the South is right there with them, yet all season long we'll be hearing about how this is the best conference in football.

No surprise in the Big 10 - out of 12 "fearless" predictions, four different teams were picked to win the conference, and three of them received more than one vote. This one will probably go right down to the wire, but the Big 10 season is so brutal that it's hard to imagine a championship contender emerging from the mess.

Another toss-up, the SEC campaign, promises to be a little more exciting as it should jostle the BCS picture right down to the conference championship game. The one thing I can't understand are the Florida picks. Spurrier may be back, but he's not coaching the Gators. Two strong years with a mid-major out West are not all the ingredients necessary for major conference success.

Let the games begin!


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