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Time for the daily gas update:

The expected run-up has stalled while we wait for Hurricane Rita to finish crossing the Gulf of Mexico and make landfall somewhere in Texas. My theory: they've already started shutting down refineries and could be raising prices, but they're waiting for some tangible destruction to keep the outrage down.

Prices have actually taken a dip which is a surprise, not only because of the hurricane, but also because the weekend is coming up.

Around Louisville, I filled up on Monday at 2.61 after a weekend of threatening oil reports. With the price down to 2.58, I topped off this morning, and will probably keep my tank topped off until the run-up starts, because once it does, who knows how long it will take to come back down?

Side note on gas stations: Soda fountains are a real value, but "Polar Pop," needs to do something about their ice dispensers. I hit the release once and got two chips of ice in my cup. I hit it again and half-filled my cup. So that's why there was a mountain of ice sitting in the machine's drip tray.


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