MNF Starts out strong

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Great opening night for Monday Night Football. I thought they had been over-hyping the Atlanta-Philadelphia rivalry just a bit. But there was a major scrum at half-field and each team had a starter kicked out ... before the game had even kicked off! The craziness has continued through the first half. This is certainly not the Michael Vick that Philadelphia pushed around in last season's NFC Championship. After he had an early pass picked off (he telegraphed it), Vick has been efficient with his wheels and his arm, and has staked the Falcons to a one touchdown lead.

Of course things would be closer were the Eagles not 0-2 on FG attempts. Other than that the Eagle offense has been decent. The Falcon "D" crunched McNabb early on, causing an interception. Other than that, like Vick, McNabb can beat you in a number of ways, and he's using them all. Nothing noteworthy on the McNabb - T.O. front. They're playing football. Owens is doing his part. And they haven't thrown down and started knifing each other in between plays or anything like that. I'll keep you posted if anything of the sort develops, though.

The thing I hate about MNF: Here it is, time for the news and we're just starting the half-time show. Speaking of the half-time show, ABC has added something new: highlights from this week in the NFL. Well, they've always done the highlights, but now they are set to Tim McGraw singing "I like it, I love it." The course features McGraw's lyrics, but the verses are changed to "clever" things like, "(blah)(blah)(blah) dandy, bet the Vikings wish that they still had Randy." I guess this is entertainment. It must be something, cuz it sure isn't informative, interesting or intelligent.

I say, do the highlights or do music. Sometimes you can just get too creative for your own good. And the whole bombardment of raucous, country music throughout the show is getting old. Well, it was getting old ten years ago. Now it's getting annoying ... time for an overhaul.


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