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Been having a dreadful time with allergies, so my mind is a little disorganized right now.

So, Congress is going to continue looking into the whole Rafael Palmeiro incident. Granted, this does seem kind of pointless. But on the bright side, anything that distracts Congress from doing their normal work of making laws is a bonus for our country!
-- B --
I'm growing tired of "auto-install updates." Yes, it's nice to have it all happen automatically in the background, except that it doesn't stay in the background. I'll be working along and all of a sudden the computer becomes slow and erratic. I'm closing applications, scanning the task list for applications or processes that might be hogging resources, etc. Then ... "ding!" The popup that tells you an update has just been installed. I guess it doesn't help that the culprit is McAfee and I'm getting a new update almost every day.
-- B --
Speaking of slow - Verizon is hyping their new wireless broadband offering. Great idea, and I can't wait until the others get in the game and drive the price down and the features up. For now, the fine print is: 400-800 Kbps ... that may not register because you are used to seeing speeds measured in Mbps. It's slow. Not horrible, but if someone is expecting to sign up and experience the cable speed that they get at home, they're in for a disappointment.
-- B --
The Texans fired their O Coordinator yesterday. I don't get this ... it's week 2! Chris Palmer had been with the team since the beginning. And, did I mention that it is week 2? I mean, what huge surprises surfaced in the first two weeks of this season that weren't there before and that you didn't think you could work through with a guy who has been with you for several years?

Granted, the Texans have been less than stellar these two weeks, but again I ask - what changed? They've had their ups and downs under Palmer since they joined the league. All of a sudden he's unbearable.

Or, if you felt like this was a possibility, why not pull the plug during the off-season that you just completed, or during camp, or during the pre-season? No, the Texans chose to evaluate and come to a decision two weeks into the season!
-- B --
Keep an eye on www.i-disciple.com, and a new Excel site that I'm working on, www.numbers-edge.com. I'm slowly firing them back up.


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