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My apologies to those who opened the blog to find Coach Petrino all up in their face. I forgot the "width=" in the img tag.
-- B --

Nice to see Congress pushing the steroids issue with MLB. Not to worry, boys of summer. If Congress can do for you what they did for (insert issue here), everything will be ok, and you'll be able to continue being a crooked, inefficient, disrespected has-been of a sport.
-- B --

No reply from Barrister Ike yet. Pity. I was really looking forward to doing business with the man. And, it kind of whetted my apetite, so I may have to go fishing for some Nigerian e-mails I can use.
-- B --

Hillary Clinton is doing a great job of moving to the middle with her votes and rhetoric as her run for the White House approaches. Still, as I watch football games and what not, I have to wonder how she's going to pull off the "regular guy" image. Remember Kerry blossoming into a huge Red Sox and Patriots fan? Kerry the duck hunter? Kerry throwing a football around at the airport (by the way, I saw a video of the whole throw once - it doesn't just appear that he throws like a girl, he really does throw like a girl), etc. I mean, she's not good at being fake in situations where you expect fake.
-- B --

UT vs. LSU ... awesome game last night! This was an early meeting of SEC Super-Powers, and with a loss to Florida already on the books, Tennessee was in danger of dropping completely out of the race for their conference and the National Championship. Through the first half it looked as if that would be the case as the Vols had lost a starting QB, were stopping themselves with penalties, fumbles and poor play at every turn, and generally didn't seem to have an answer for LSU on either side of the ball. Tennessee miraculously came back in the second half to force overtime and eventually win.

I feel for the Vols having to travel on game day due to the hurricane. I'm never at my best after an early morning flight. Still, that and .50 will get you a soda, so soldier on. Across the board, no one was making plays. I can't begin to count how many touchdown or deep gain passes their receivers flat out dropped. This continued even during the second half comeback. The O line was allowing their QB's to be harrassed all night. In the second half, the Tennessee D finally played big, coming up with huge stops at key moments.
-- B --

I got a kick out of listening to the Fox (I think) team talk about salary inequities in the NFL, and how a lot of teams have an inordinate amount of their cap space tied up with a handful of superstars. Mind you, Terry Bradshaw and Company, are former QB's, Receivers, etc. Folks who, though there was no cap, didn't seem to mind that they were collecting the lion's share of what their team had to spend on salaries during their playing days.
-- B --

Across the NFL: Jets QB, Chad Pennington is out for the season. One wonders how NY will manage without the engineer of their blazing 0-3 start. Pennington is just the latest QB who showed flashes of brilliance at one point, and has remained the real deal in some eyes, despite mounting evidence to the contrary.

Miami looks good in Nick Sabin's opening NFL campaign. Still, one wonders how long "playoff run" and QB Gus Frerotte can co-exist.

What is the deal with Indianapolis? Over the past two weeks, this offense that features Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison and Edgerin James, has mustered a whopping combinged total of 23 points. Kudos to their defense for picking up the wins. This is supposed to be the year that Indy turns the corner (no great surprise there ... every year is the year that Indy is supposed to turn the corner). That prediction is not based on what a solid defense the Colts have!
-- B --

I must admit, in this the final week of the MLB season, there is a lot of excitement left. St Louis has nothing left to play for other than to chase 100 wins and avoid being lethargic going into the playoffs. Atlanta and Los Anaheim have all but closed the door on their divisions - Atlanta for the 14th straight year and counting!

The biggest surprise has to be the AL Central where it looked like the White Sox had things wrapped up at the All Star break. Now a red hot Cleveland team is bearing down on Chicago. Both have series against opponents with nothing to win (or nothing to lose) before the season wraps up with the White Sox visiting Cleveland for a three game set! Only by a miracle would Chicago be able to wrap up the division before the weekend, so that shoud be good one.

In MLB's sub-basement, San Diego, with their imposing 77-79 record is trying to hold of a late steroid, er, Bonds-induced charge by the Giants. The teams just started a 4-game stint in San Diego, with San Fran taking the opener to tighten things up just a bit more. San Diego holds a three game lead, but this, of course, corresponds to the number of games left in their series with SanFran. Neither team can count on help after that as both play sub-.500 teams over the weekend. Of course both are sub-.500 teams so who knows?

This renews my call for a special playoff rule in sports where post-season entry has been expanded. Anytime a division winner comes in under .500, i.e. they lost more than they won, they should forfeit their playoff spot and an additional wild card team selected. I mean, how can you possibly justify that? What if San Diego wins the World Series? Can you call them champion? If the Padres limped through the rest of the week, and their post-season series' went the distance, they could coneivably win the World Series and still have a sub-.500 record with all post-season games factored in. Ridiculous!

The grand-daddy of them all, though, is the Yankees and Red Sox. They began their final seven games dead even. A month ago, smart money would have favored the Red Sox as the stronger team top to bottom. Not so anymore. Suddenly Boston is vulnerable on and off the field. And, while the Yankees play their final week on the road, they also started out with a win at Baltimore, turning up the heat on the Red Sox who were idle due to rain. Here, too, the season ends with New York visiting Boston for four games. Think that'll be intense?

I, for one, am rooting for the Yankees. I can't fault an organization for being successful while playing within the rules of a totally messed up system. And, while the Yankees do have an astronomical payroll, the Red Sox come in at number two, a good $30M higher than all but six teams. So I really grow tired of Red Sox fan trying to play the pauper by invoking the "Yankees' huge payroll" platitude. More than that, while New York may have more money, Boston leads the league in obnoxious without a close second. This was made even more insufferable by all the fans who jumped on the bandwagon after last season - they seemed to adapt to Red Sox fan's loud-mouthedness without missing a beat!


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