Young QB's Haunt My College Football World

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Wow! What a great first weekend of College Football. Surprises and thrillers all around. I didn't get to see the Sunday slate except for a little bit of Virginia Tech, so for some of this, I'm taking the sports journalists at their word - not within my comfy zone.

It just broke my heart to see Oklahoma fall to TCU. After all, I have such great respect for the Big XII. Of course, rather than getting everyone to rightly scratch their heads and think, "Hmmm. Perhaps the Big XII isn't as good as we are constantly saying they are," this will only serve to fuel the "This is Texas' year!" talk. Speaking of Texas, coming off their most impressive conquest of might Louisiana-Lafayette, the 'Horns head to Columbus next week where they'll take on Ohio State in the Pretender Bowl.

Tennessee struggled with UAB. Another great showing for a Conference USA team.

The second biggest surprise of the weekend was Notre Dame. Admittedly, I didn't even expect them to win, much less to man-handle Pittsburgh the way they did. The Panthers were probably a bit over-rated. But, it wasn't hard to see the trademark preparation and game-planning that new Irish coach Charlie Weis has obviously brought with him from New England.

Louisville defeated but also struggled with Kentucky. Moral victory to the 'Cats. The Card offense was not quite as high-flying, and the defense not quite as strong as those who have penciled Louisville into the BCS Championship picture had predicted. Brohm is good and thankfully has a touch of experience, but this is his first time running the show in the NCAA. Hyper-inflated expectations certainly won't help the growing process. Perhaps we can put the coronation on hold and just enjoy what will probably be a season full of great games in the Cards' inaugural Big East season.

I did get to see the Miami-FSU game. Wow - ugly. Here again, you have a couple of new quarterbacks jumping in where fans have come to expect more. Funny thing is, although they won, Florida State leaves this game with a lot more to decide and work on offensively than Miami does. The 'Canes can't blame Kyle Wright for their loss. Sure, he was a little erratic early, and the Seminoles only touchdown was set up by an interception. Once Wright settled down however, his performance was vintage Hurricane QB. Dropped passes, stupid penalties, stupid decisions and special teams that were in a shambles kept Miami from winning this game. Right to the end of the game I watched Wright move the Miami offense and kept thinking, "OK, at some point they'll be able to string together three consecutive minutes without a bonehead play, and then they'll put this thing away." Never happened.

So, the 'Canes took their lumps here, but Wright showed that he's more likely to be the next Ken Dorsey, than the next Brock Berlin. All across Dade County: *sigh of relief*!


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