Another BCS Logjam in the Making?

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I was just looking surveying the College Football landscape, and it appears we may be headed for trouble once again.

We still have five undefeated teams; Alabama, Texas, UCLA, USC and Virginia Tech. From this point forward we're only assured of losing one from this group, when USC and UCLA meet to close out the season.

Before their game with OK State yesterday, I would have said that the 'Horns were nearly a lock to run their table, with the meat of their Big XII schedule behind them and no strong teams in the North to give them a run in the Conference Championship. But, the two OSU's, Ohio State and OK State, have given the rest of the field a recipe for handling Texas: bottle up Vince Young. Easier said than done, but not impossible, and when you do good things happen. Still, I think Texas will win out.

VIrginia Tech has some work to do with Miami and the ACC Championship, probably against Florida State still to come. I hate to admit it, but the Hokies are clearly superior to those two teams right now. If they can play up to their ability, they'll also hit the BCS undefeated.

Alabama is looking good, but they have yet to play their two biggest tests - LSU and Auburn. If they get by those two, the SEC Championship may be a lesser challenge with the SEC East having a down year. But! it may very well feature a re-match with a Gator team that is playing much better than they were when the Tide throttled them in Tuscaloosa.

The fact that USC and UCLA are each other's only remaining test guarantees one undefeated losing, but also likely guarantees that another will survive.

So, once again, I'm seeing at least one team, maybe two screaming at their TV's, "What about us!?" as the BCS trophy is handed to USC. Especially after Va Tech and Alabama had to weather the game's two toughest conferences while USC skated through College Football's Powder Puff league.

The other day I heard a discussion of this on the radio, and the BCS apologist guest had the usual, "Well, there aren't going to be three undefeated teams every year." Weak.

First of all there don't have to be three undefeated teams for this thing to fail, as we've seen over the past three seasons. There can be one undefeated and a number of 1-loss teams with a legitimate claim to a shot at the title. There can be no undefeated teams. There can be more than 3 undefeated teams. The starting configuration doesn't matter when you have a system that doesn't even attempt to eliminate all but one, or when you have a system that ignores a strong undefeated team in favor of a one-loss team coming off of a huge loss in their conference championship. Two undefeated and clearly superior teams meeting in the BCS Championship appears to be the least likely scenario of all that are possible. I'm beginning to wonder if the B and S in BCS don't stand for Bud Selig, or any other appropriate BS acronym you might come up with.

Here's rooting for another Big Championship Snafu!


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