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Trump - Apprentice 4I missed the beginning of this week's show, so I can't comment yet. There were some obvious details that I wasn't privy to, mainly - how the heck did Randall wind up on the women's team? What'd he ever do to the Donald to deserve that.

However, seeing Bill Rancick on the show last night got me to reflecting over Apprentice seasons past. I get the feeling Rancick is Trump's favorite Apprentice so far, and that's no surprise. IMHO the guy was head and shoulders above any other candidate from the first three seasons. The current edition could produce another superstar though, so stay tuned.

The problem is, Rancick and the First Season set the bar really high. That season had everything: the likeable Rancick and Kwame, Troy the hayseed, Amy the hot blonde, supervillian Omarosa, and Sammy the loveable loser. Amidst all of those fun sub-plots you had some serious business talent. It was all downhill after that.

Season two lacked fun people. Kelly, the eventual winner was a strong candidate, but he had the personality of a brick wall. Going into the live finale, you could just sense Trump grasping for some reason to hire Jenn, but he finally had to face what the audience had figured out weeks before ... Jenn's mind is an empty closet. She advanced by avoiding opportunities to fail, rather than by seizing opportunities to win. If only Kwame could have found his way into season 2, he'd have kicked butt.

Season 3 was a major disappointment. Each week I'd relish the coming of the Apprentice only to be treated to a cast of clowns. Rancick, Kwame, Troy, Ken, Amy, Stacy ... any of them could have won with ease. Book Smarts vs. Street Smarts was a great idea on paper, but they chose such poor candidates to represent both, that a fair battle of the two was never joined. After the teams traded wins a few times, Trump concluded that educational background didn't make a difference. In reality at that point one could only conclude that both groups sucked, and the Street Smart bunch represented a lot of wasted education dollars. I think the Donald even had to re-think his conclusion after Tana made an a** of herself on the live finale.

Too bad for Kendra, the season three winner. She seems like she would have been a quality candidate in any season, but she won 3 simply by being the big fish in a very small, shallow pond.

Trump and Co. have rebounded this season. There are some real quality candidates in the bunch. Currently the guys are rolling and the girls are stumbling. On the plus side, so far most of the candidates that have been lost were clear weak links and deserved it. The women's team has been boiled down to some very strong candidates plus Jenn M who is beautiful but has absolutely no strength. The guys need a little adversity to turn up the heat on them and shake out Markus and one or two other posers.


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