The "Big One" Averted

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So, every time I do my taxes I use Turbo Tax and sign up for the Audit Defense deal which is run by an organization called Tax Resources. It's a pretty good deal, a little bit of peace of mind for a nominal fee ... until last night.

I got a voice mail at around 8, apparently just as their West Coast office was closing. "We're handling your Audit Defense account. Please call us. This is not a solicitation (which was appropriate because I had not understood their previous effort and did mistake it for a solicitation). Yada, yada, yada." By the time I got the message they were closed.

So basically, I spent the night thinking I was about to get audited, which was nice!

I finally got through this afternoon, and it turns out they were just updating their records and wanted to verify my address. Thanks, I guess. I mean, the whole purpose of that service is to avoid those kinds of heart palpitations.


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