A Disappointing Football Day

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Unbelievable ... USC pulled it out on the last play. And they only had the last play after Leinart fumbled the ball out of bounds when he was stopped on the 1, with USC having no time-outs left. As if it isn't bad enough that they're stacked with pro caliber talent - they also get the bounces. Still, Notre Dame has only themselves to blame. They had plenty of opportunities to make this a two-possession game, and didn't capitalize.

Then, the Cards fell in a Conference road game for the second time in as many Conference road games. It was close, but they've got to win those. You're not going to take the next step by simply beating up on mediocre talent at home.

Speaking of mediocre, things aren't looking good for the Big East. With everyone calling for their automatic BCS bid, the preseason talk was that this league, with new teams like Louisville, and a new star coach in Pittsburgh, was poised to show the nation that they belonged with the big boys. The cornerstones of the new football Big East: Louisville, Pittsburgh, Syracuse and West Viriginia. So far, only West Viriginia is holding up their end of the deal. Not that there is any shame in losing to the Mountaineers, but Louisville has yet to make a compelling case for itself, in a meaningful, tough game. Pittsburgh was the first of many teams to discover that Notre Dame has returned to glory, and the Panthers never seemed to recover. Syracuse has just on win this year, and today was thrashed by Rutgers. Again, no shame in losing to the ... whatever Rutgers' name is, but that's a game you have to at least show up for if you want to tout yourself as a power.

To be fair - the Big 10 is not having a banner year either. So, maybe we could just scrap the conference ties and just select the top 8 or 10 teams for the BCS. Oh wait, no, that would be too much like a playoff. We'd rather have ... the #1 and #4 team in the nation playing for the national championship, the #2 and (insert single digit number here) teams playing to make sure that this system which is supposed to crown an unquestioned champion will leave lots of questions, and then the #6, #12, #8, and #11 teams playing in meaningless games.

Man, I love this game!


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