Houston Punches Ticket

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I guess the Cards' dramatic last pitch heroics in game 5 didn't get inside the Astros' heads after all. You've gotta love Roy Oswalt. To date he had posted two impressive wins in the friendly confines of Houston. Last night the heat was on and Oswalt was just as fearless, just as nasty in turning out the lights forever at historic Busch Stadium.

On to Chicago. It's clear the Houston starters aren't going to give anything away. Clearly inexperience is no more frightening to Oswalt than Pujols' stick was. And Pettitte and Clemens have been here before - on a bad night they'll still keep things within reach. As for the bully, one mistake is one more than we could have counted on from Lidge - don't expect another. Of course, the Chisox staff is nothing to sneeze at either. So it's up to the hitters - who will make the most of very few opportunities?


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