MLB Playoffs Mixed Bag

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Only MLB could come up with this. The Yankees and Angels play late into the night in New York while evening their series at two games apiece. Then they hop a flight to California - few flights within the Continental US are longer - where they'll play late into the night to decide their series. The winner ... they get to hop a flight from there to Chicago where they'll play their fourth game in as many days. I guess if New York wins they should be thankful they don't get to start out at home ,,, it'll shave a couple hours off of their flight.

I get the desire not to still be playing baseball on Thanksgiving. That's reasonable. But it's also reasonable to imagine a Divisional playoff series going five games and having trouble with the weather in the northeast.

-- B --

Speaking of late nights ... they played two games worth of baseball in Atlanta yesterday. Rocket did his part with a few innings of middle relief (where "middle" = low teens). There were some bizarre things happening on defense in the eighth, but still, if your bully can't guard a six-run lead over two innings, it's time to re-vamp the bully. Even with the bases loaded, you want to walk Berkman (again, it was a six-run lead) before you serve up lightning on a rope. Smoltz sounded fed up afterward ... they can't lose him.

-- B --

So, I'm rooting for Houston in the NL. Once again, pitching becomes huge at this point. When Clemens is your #3 horse behind Pettitte and Oswalt, you can count on having a chance in every game. It's up to the bats.

-- B --

In the AL ... I'm still not convinced by Chicago. I just can't get past them almost folding a monster All-Star break lead. Even though they'll likely be spotting the Sox a 1-0 lead out of sheer exhaustion, I'll go with Yankees/Angels.

-- B --

Despite that, my undying gratitude goes to Chicago for taking Boston down and not messing around about it. It was horrible right to the end, with announcers gushing on and on about the "end of the dream." Gag. Oh, and by the way Bosox fans, there was the Graffanino error giving away game 2, and then you seemed to come unglued at a key moment there in the deciding game. If I didn't know better, I'd say ... you guys are jinxed!


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