Playoffs - Day 1

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Wow! Chicago hammered Boston, right out of the gate. I am hopeful. Please, finish them. Finish them, now. As long as the Bosox hang around, there's the chance they'll pull another miracle out of their butts and the bandwagoning will only get worse.

Jim Rome echoed my sentiments on his show yesterday: Look out for Houston. In the playoffs, starting pitching goes a long way, and the 'Stros are loaded. Run support is the variable with Houston. If they can muster even a little hitting, they can challenge ANY team in the post-season. I'm not at all pleased that the Braves open with them in a five game series. On the other hand, after the Braves I'd probably root for Houston - "the Rocket" isn't long for the sport, and it'd be nice to see him pick up another ring before he leaves.

San Diego didn't disappoint in their first playoff outing, spotting the Cards an 8-run lead before coming back to make things interesting. Hey, you don't finish at .500 by accident. Digging into holes early is just part of the magic.


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