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Caught the College pre-game today ... Lee Korso has got to be one of the most obnoxious buffoons on the air. I sometimes get the feeling he's trying to be the Dick Vitale of College Football. By the way, I never stop thanking Vitale for injecting "baby!" into the Sportscaster's vocabulary. Now, you can offer interesting insight or, like Korso, you can just talk loud, add nothing of substance and say, "baby!" a lot.
-- B --

A while back, I praised CBS' Sportsline online version, as being a website that a sports fan could really enjoy. I did mention my concern that they would eventually make a lot of their good content premium.

Well, CBS has found a way around that. Instead they've saturated their site with ads. Apparently it took them a while to get this going. Now the ad server is humming right along. Upon first opening Sportsline, a good 2/3 of your display will be advertising.

Well done, CBS. You continued to tweak your product until you finally achieved ... voilas! Run of the mill status.
-- B --

The crud hangs on. And so, at this time, I'd like to thank the lovely auditor who, despite the fact that her body was trying to cough up one of its lungs, soldiered on and infected half of our office. I haven't even had a chance to decline to take a flu shot yet!


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