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I'm perusing blogs through Blogger's random "next blog" button, while watching the Astros fritter away a golden opportunity to tie or take the lead in the game. Seriously, runners on 1st and 3rd with no outs and then two straght batters go down without even putting a bat on the ball! Now it rests on Bagwell who, in all likelihood, is in this game because of who he used to be. Still, Baggs can strike out as good as anyone else on the team.

Anyway, I ran across this blog, You, Me and Oprah. The thing I can't make out is whether the blogger is tragically serious, or a master of the lampoon. Either way, some pretty amusing stuff.

Of course, as I am an unashamed Oprah-hater, if it turns out to be serious, I don't recommend it.


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