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Arlen Specter: "We're not going to move fast."

LOL ... I realize that to a Congressman, slow = the pinnacle of integrity. Mind you, I understand the importance of prudence and being careful. What that has to do with Congress is beyond me. It's not like they ever move slow to ensure that they come to a wise decision. They move slow to give everyone a chance to get up on their soap box, and to give each member enough time to compile enough material to spin into justification of the vote they've already made up their mind on.

Some guy on Cold Pizza (which is, for my money, the worst sports show on the air): (paraphrasing) "Home field advantage will be important, so the All-Star game will be a factor in the World Series."

Yeah, I can just imagine that everyone's sitting around the Houston clubhouse right about now, kicking themselves for not trying harder in the All-Star game. The 'stros are 3 for 5 in road games so far this post-season. IMHO, baseball is the sport where being at home makes the least difference. I'm not saying it makes no difference, but it is minor at best. The bigger question is whether Chicago will repeat their last letdown after a long rest and give away home field advantage Game 1.

Memo to ESPN dufus: We're not doing the "This time it means something," spin anymore. The fans have seen through it.


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