Bailing out the BCS?

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The list of undefeated CFL teams will shrink to three by the end of the day. Arizona outed UCLA and along with them, the entire Pac-10, save USC. Those of us on the "anyone but USC" bandwagon can hope that UCLA will turn around and knock off the Trojans, but it turns out that the Bruins aren't that good - they're just the beneficiaries of a weak schedule - they're Kansas State to USC's Oklahoma.

Miami has opened up a 27-0 lead on Va Tech heading into the fourth quarter, so the Hokies will likely pick up their first loss.

So, our hopes for a fly in the BCS ointment will rest on Alabama. This is tenuous at best. As I pointed out recently, next to UCLA, Alabama is the least tested undefeated team. They struggled with MIssissippi State today and have LSU next. The SEC Championship doesn't figure to be a cakewalk either.

Well, you have to play the hand you're dealt so, "Roll Tide!"


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