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I'm in Ft Mitchell, KY (Cincy 'burb) for a conference. Some notes:

Generally nice hotel. Easy, quick wireless internet access with a strong, reliable signal - vast improvement over the Owensboro hotel. One confusing thing - the hotel provides access free of charge, yet when you get to your room there is a placard outlining how to get pay access by getting a special bridge from the front desk and signing up with a local provider.

They provide a desk to work at, which is nice as I brought some work with me. The only problem with the desk is that it has crap all over it. I can stuff in a drawer the previously mentioned obsolete wireless promo, and the various other promos, and the way too fancy notebook with hotel information and room service menus. The problem is the clock radio bolted to the middle of the desk. Hard to imagine folks who can afford to stay here making off with a $5 clock radio. Oh well.

Yesterday's breakout session - pretty good. That was most of the info that I came for. Today will probably not be very useful for us.

Pet conference peeve - no coordination, no organization on the multi-media. This is my third conference this year run by people from State Gov, and we seem to run into the same thing. Ten minutes of sitting there while the facilitators (and there is always an army of them on hand) figure out how to get a signal to the video projector, figure out where their presentations are on the hard drive, figure out which presentation is the one they want, figure out how to run the thing, etc. These guys do this stuff enough to know that "I'll walk in the room, wake up my laptop and be ready to go" is not a realistic plan.


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